The best restaurants in our Parisian neighbourhood

Flavours & Gastronomy

During this festive period we would like to give you our recommendations for enjoyable dining experiences that are accessible both quickly and conveniently from the Hotel Louvre Bons Enfants. We feel that this selection represents the best restaurants in our part of Paris, as well as being particular favourites of our team. Three of the following are just a short stroll from our location and the other is well worth a quick taxi journey.     

Fine dining close to the Hotel Louvre Bons Enfants

Le Petit Mâchon, an excellent cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere

Le Petit Mâchon, located on the lovely rue Saint Honoré, not that far from the Louvre, is the nearest of our selection, being just a two minute walk from our hotel. Poised elegantly somewhere between a bistro and a restaurant, this upbeat and charming establishment serves some of the best Lyonnais specialities to be found anywhere in Paris. The gleaming fittings and polished wood lend an old style charm as well as a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. There are no pretensions, just excellent cuisine and a friendly and efficient staff led by owner Bernard Migneau, whose infectious enthusiasm is a delight.

Café Marly, a Parisian brasserie

For the sheer ‘wow’ factor the Café Marly is hard to beat. A five minute walk away, this very Parisian brasserie offers one of the most exceptional settings in the entire city, as it is a part of the Louvre Museum complex. Located within the arcades of the Richelieu wing of the world famous former royal residence, the Café Marly boasts an amazing view of the great glass pyramid designed by I. M. Pei, plus sumptuous interiors designed by Olivier Gagnère and Yves Taralon. This chic and sophisticated setting is only half of the story, however, as the original and creative menu offers a gastronomic heaven.

Haute Cuisine at Le Grand Véfour

Under the arcades of the Palais Royal, just a six minute walk from our hotel, you can find one of the legends of the Parisian restaurant scene. Le Grand Véfour offers haute cuisine in exquisitely beautiful surroundings of early 19th century neoclassical décor, with paintings of goddesses and muses looking down. Opened as the as the Café de Chartres by Antoine Auberot in 1784, it has served as a gourmet rendezvous for generations of Parisian political, literary and artistic society. Today the creativity of the Michelin starred Chef Guy Martin, blending the traditional and the modern, ensures the continuation of a starry reputation.

Bateaux Parisiens special celebratory cruises

If you are in the mood for trying something completely different during this time of festivities, however, you may wish to sample the delights of a dinner cruise along the Seine. Taking in the many and varied sights of the heart of Paris while enjoying a fine meal must surely qualify as one of the highlights of a visit to our city. Just fifteen minutes way by taxi from the Hotel Louvre Bons Enfants, Bateaux Parisiens offers special celebratory cruises that will surely provide a romantic experience that will live with you forever.    

Picture credits : Amélie Dupont

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