Entertainment in Paris is like a gem with many facets


Entertainment in Paris is indeed multifaceted. The city reminds us of a huge gemstone. Turn it one way and then another and there is always something sparkling to catch your attention.

Here at the Hotel Louvre Bons Enfants we are always happy to help you to catch the ridescent gleams of the Paris gem. Today we have a number of suggestions for your entertainment, each one very different, yet each scintillating with interest. If you enjoy music in all its many forms, then the Fête de la Musique will prove to be a voyage of discovery for you. If you love the magical atmosphere of a funfair, the Fête des Tuileries offers fun aplenty. Movie buffs will be unable to resist the Paris Cinema Festival, and if you thrill to the wonders of nature be sure to visit the new Zoological Park of Paris at Vincennes.

The Fête de la Musique, a World of Music in One City

Held each year on June 21st, the summer solstice, the Fête de la Musique was launched in 1982 and has since spread across the world. In many cities on that date you will find live music being played, but nowhere has the idea been embraced more wholeheartedly. Across the capital musicians play just about any musical form you can think of, and it’s all yours to enjoy for free. Streets, squares, public buildings, parks, churches, as well as the more usual clubs and theatres all reverberate with the joy that is music.

La Fête Foraine du Jardin des Tuileries, a Summer Fair for All

Each year it seems to grow larger and more spectacular, this funfair that springs up in the gorgeous surroundings of the Tuileries Gardens, promising family fun from June 28th until August 24th. Ghost train, dodgems, traditional roundabouts, plenty of sideshows and games of skill and luck plus, of course, candy floss and toffee apples. There’s also a fabulous Ferris wheel to lift you high over the heads of the crowd and give you spectacular views of many Paris landmarks.

Paris Cinema Festival, a Feast of Film Fun

The Paris Cinema Festival is one of the most prestigious in the world, and now well into its second decade. At cinemas spread across Paris you will be able to enjoy watching films for just 5 euros per screening or even for free. The programming is amazingly diverse, with much-loved classics, art-house movies, foreign films, obscure delights and viewings beneath the stars. Everyone will find plenty to enjoy. From July 5th to 12th there will be around 600 screenings, a wealth of special guests and even some premieres.

The Parc Zoologique de Paris, a Zoo with a difference

The Parc Zoologique de Paris is a new kind of zoo, concentrating on environmentalism, education and the welfare of the animals it houses. Replicas of natural habitats have been created with care and attention to detail. There are five biozones to explore; Patagonia, Europe, Sahel-Sudan, Madagascar and Amazon-Guyana. Around a thousand animals belonging to 180 species are presented. It’s an ideal family day out.


Picture copyright holder : Tourist office Paris - Photographer Marc Bertrand

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