the domain of the Palais-Royal


To know the domain of the Palais-Royal

Three centuries of architecture. Built for the Cardinal de Richelieu by the architect Lemercier, builder of the Sorbonne, the main body (1634), opposite the Louvre, becomes royal residence (Regency of Anne of Austria) then of the family of Orléans from 1661. The work is completed and reworked in the 18th and 19th centuries. The three wings that close the sides of the garden date from the end of the 18th century.
A sulphurous place. The superb and monumental case of today leaves nothing to guess from the revolutionary agitation that prevails in the eighteenth century, nor the gambling dens and daughters of "bad life", immortalized by Balzac, who bloom there in the following century.
A place of leisure surrounded by its monumental decoration antique very in vogue in the eighteenth century. It is one of the favorite places of wandering Parisians and tourists. The Comédie-Française, the Palais-Royal theater and the restaurant Le Grand Véfour, with a listed monument, contribute to its notoriety. Contemporary art is also strongly present in his courtyard with the Buren columns and two moving fountains by Pol Bury (1985).