The Foire du Trône


The Foire du Trône celebrates its 1060th anniversary in 2017. It will take place on the Pelouse de Reuilly until 28 May 2017. The biggest fair in Paris for 8 weeks of thrills and shared pleasures. Do not miss its inauguration evening ...

The Throne Fair is a cult event installed on the lawn of Reuilly, on the edge of the Bois de Vincennes. Rendez-vous this year from March 31 to May 28, 2017.
This is an opportunity to test the attractions (the organizers each year propose new ones), to taste the beard with baba and other love apples, to train to blow balls with the rifle to lead: in brief To amuse oneself, taking care not to squander all his money, for, at games of chance and skill, one loses more often than one wins!